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Sep. 3rd | Posted by 0 comments

Now, we know the plans of Marion Bros’s team if the next console of Nintendo, the WII U, was a flop: adapt them to the XBOX of Microsoft and play there in the big leagues ;) .

[HAPPY MONDAY] The Tetris God has spoken — and he is going to ruin your day #video

Jul. 30th | Posted by 0 comments

How often have we played in arcades, on Nintendo and now our phones, and gotten stuck?

[HAPPY MONDAY] Video: The evolution of PC games

Jul. 23rd | Posted by 0 comments

A brief history of PC games using only sights and sounds from the games themselves

From the earliest text-based adventures to the latest modern shooters, Reverse Enginears has created a stunning musical composition featuring only sounds and music from PC games.

For the complete list of games shown in this video, visit the Polygon video page:

[FUNKY FRIDAY ] Dance is universal language making world happy. We <3 Matt!

Jul. 20th | Posted by 0 comments

Remember you 6 years ago, Matthew Harding, an american game developer filmed itself dancing in front of monuments during his travels around the world. A very special dance that has value more than 17 million views on Youtube, the phenomenon “where the hell is Matt” was born.

Today without the help of any sponsor, Matt released his fourth video. With him dance people of the world on a beautiful song entitled “trip the light” and bringing together people from Rwanda to Thailand, Syria and many more.

A very nice video that gives you a very good mood

[FUNKY FRIDAY] Kids Olympic Games video Sport is a universal languager, no matter what their origin and their age

Jul. 13th | Posted by 0 comments

Sport is a universal language that can bring people together, no matter what their origin and their age: London 2012 – Kids Olympic Games.

Love this video by Eurosport Channel with the London Olympic Games background.

To their moms,

They’ll always be kids.

New teaser [WESTERN STYLE] is coming soon, very soon !

Jul. 12th | Posted by 0 comments

After a long post prod (Yes I’m just an Intern with not a lot of knowledge in video maker ;) ), some After Effects tutorials (thanks a lot Mattrunks and others) and  many hours of renders for my little notebook (because of HD videos), the new teasers is almost done.

The Scene takes place in town with a western style duel in the street. But no Guns, the two urban cowboys (or players) fight with their own Smartphone on the best mobile game portal Gamorlive ;) .

For this Teaser, I wanted to focus my attention on the battle mode of Gamorlive Human against Human in real time. Western style Duel was the best and funnier way to show this aspect and I had to look many videos on YouTube to understand how I had to film.

I would like to thank a lot my 2 best actors Terrell and Anne with whom I spent most of a Sunday filming the teaser.

I hope you will enjoy it. Stay connected on Gamorlab’, Facebook or twitter, tomorrow could be the D-DAY for the teaser!

[HAPPY MONDAY] Retro Gaming Anamorphosis

Jul. 1st | Posted by 0 comments

At Gamorlab ‘, we like so much when artists release their genius by using the codes of the video game. In this video, Chris Carlson, artist based in Denver, joined to photographer Mike Larmor fot a time lapse of 11 hours.

It is about Super Mario drawn in the chalk over a NES pad  which required a half-day. To understand this performance, look at the video below, then photos takes with a different angle: a nice Anamorphosis.

[FUNKY FRIDAY] Greatest Battle Music of All Time, only for geek [VIDEO]

Jun. 22nd | Posted by 0 comments

Today, next day after the Music Festival in France, we propose you on blog of the first HTML5 games portal dedicated to real duels between friends, Greatest Battle Music of All Time (for geek ;) ):

A battle of rap between Bill Gates (Microsoft) and Steve Jobs ( Apple) where the critics and the clashes fuse to know which one is the best in computing field.

And you, what’s your favourite?

[FUNKY FRIDAY] les 45 ans d’histoire du jeu vidéo résumés en 2min54

Jun. 15th | Posted by 0 comments

Il ne manquerait pas quelques grands classiques quand même :/????