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[WORK IN PROGRESS] Soon a multiplayer Doodle Jump like on Gamorlive

Sep. 18th | Posted by 0 comments

Logo Gamorlive

Logo Gamorlive

We are curently working on a multiplayer Doodle Jump like to battle your friends in real time on Gamorlive with this crazy game.

Attention! It will be an incredibly addicting game ;)

[NEWS] Little update on Gamorlive

Sep. 6th | Posted by 0 comments

Logo Gamorlive

We just did an update on the portal.

What’s news ?

  • ✔ Fixed bug when sending mail to duel
  • ✔ Add an option to cancel a challenge that was sent
  • ✔ Fixed bug avatar on the PC site
  • ✔ Fixed a bug on the button “conquer this place” in place’s stats
  • ✔ Now, the button “conquer this place” in stat’s pages appears only if you are near the gamespot or if an event is in progress. (Only if the event allows you to play even if the gamespot is far away).
We are waiting your feedback. :)

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[NEWS] Gamorlive US Tour is over

Aug. 31st | Posted by 0 comments

The team of Gamorlive is back after an amazing Geektrip in Mecca (Silicon Valley). We reported our trip on the French Blog that we invite you to discover. You will find our impressions, our results, some photos, but also tips for the entrepreneurs and many other things. [only in French]

Gamorlive US tour
Gamorlive US tour
Gamorlive US tour
Gamorlive US tour
Gamorlive US tour

[ART] Qrezy designed a very nice QRcode for Gamorlive

Aug. 23rd | Posted by 0 comments

Ever wanted to game against iphones, androids, and pc’s all at the same time!? Gamorlive is the solution! Smartphone’s scan away and join the fun!


[PRESS] Venturebeat love Gamorlive

Aug. 22nd | Posted by 2 comments

During our Geektrip in San Francisco, we met Dean takahashi, journalist of the famous blog VentureBeat. After the presentation of Gamorlive, some additional questions and a photo of the team, Dean admits to be very surprised and has never encountered this type of project. A pleasant surprise for us from a passionate journalist who publishes daily news on GameBeat about the video game market in live to the Silicon Valley.

The article has just been published on VentureBeat here :

[FOCUS] As Song Pop, Gamorlive bet on challenges with friends but with minute-games

Aug. 6th | Posted by 11 comments

Today we continue the list about upcoming features on Gamorlive. After Foursquare integration, it is the turn of the “private battle” made its appearance.
I hope you all have tested the French Song pop application on Smartphone or Facebook. This very famous game of musical Blind test that Mark Zuckerberg promote in a tweet : “Pop Song is one of the MOST fun and addictive games I’ve Played Facebook in a while.”


Aug. 1st | Posted by 0 comments

Follow the Gamorlive U.S. live with our Livetwitt and the hashtag # GamorliveUStour.

[FOCUS] Gamorlive and Foursquare, a futur love story ♥ !

Jul. 31st | Posted by 6 comments

Today, I’m going to present you one of the new Gamorlive’s features that will appear in our next update of the portal: the Foursquarization.