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[ART] Qrezy designed a very nice QRcode for Gamorlive

Aug. 23rd | Posted by 0 comments

Ever wanted to game against iphones, androids, and pc’s all at the same time!? Gamorlive is the solution! Smartphone’s scan away and join the fun!


[FUNKY FRIDAY] Bored In The Office? Solution #1: bring your post-it to life (video)

Jul. 27th | Posted by 0 comments

Sure you’re sometimes bored in your office, waiting the end of the week, procrastinating or wasting time on Facebook. There is a small but fun activity which should occupy you a small moment while bring out your artistic flair: stop motion with post-it.

Today, I selected you the last performance in this domain on the theme of Gaming. In this video, it is 7000 post-it are used to bring us to life at Mario, Pac-man and Tetris in a classroom. A result of less than 2 minutes which the only biggest secret of creation can be sum up in a single word: patience.

Let’s go! it is your turn to play;)!!

[HAPPY MONDAY] Retro Gaming Anamorphosis

Jul. 1st | Posted by 0 comments

At Gamorlab ‘, we like so much when artists release their genius by using the codes of the video game. In this video, Chris Carlson, artist based in Denver, joined to photographer Mike Larmor fot a time lapse of 11 hours.

It is about Super Mario drawn in the chalk over a NES pad  which required a half-day. To understand this performance, look at the video below, then photos takes with a different angle: a nice Anamorphosis.