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[WORK IN PROGRESS] Soon a multiplayer Doodle Jump like on Gamorlive

Sep. 18th | Posted by 0 comments

Logo Gamorlive

Logo Gamorlive

We are curently working on a multiplayer Doodle Jump like to battle your friends in real time on Gamorlive with this crazy game.

Attention! It will be an incredibly addicting game ;)

[HAPPY MONDAY] Traffic Light Lets You Play Pong – VIDEO

Sep. 17th | Posted by 0 comments

A very modern and amazing traffic crosswalk in central Germany that allows you to play a game of pong with someone on the other side of the street while waiting for the light to change:


Sep. 11th | Posted by 0 comments

At Gamorlive, we believe that “multiplayer” is the future of mobile gaming.

Mark Pincus (ZINGA) said during the last mobile beat:

The only way we are going to grow this industry is by creating new excitement, new mechanics, and new social

And you know what ? We agree :) . User engagement, new experience, new social interaction… All this words resume what we are building:

Gamorlive is a cloud game portal 100% dedicated to real time multiplayer and full crossplatform.

What does it mean for gamers ?

Simply they can play with theirs friends, real people in real time (human vs human)   and doesn’t matter what kind of devices they have in theirs hands (Smartphone, Tablets, even PC when they are on facebook, IOS, Android, Windows…)

Our solution for Game developers:


[NEWS] Little update on Gamorlive

Sep. 6th | Posted by 0 comments

Logo Gamorlive

We just did an update on the portal.

What’s news ?

  • ✔ Fixed bug when sending mail to duel
  • ✔ Add an option to cancel a challenge that was sent
  • ✔ Fixed bug avatar on the PC site
  • ✔ Fixed a bug on the button “conquer this place” in place’s stats
  • ✔ Now, the button “conquer this place” in stat’s pages appears only if you are near the gamespot or if an event is in progress. (Only if the event allows you to play even if the gamespot is far away).
We are waiting your feedback. :)

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